Update! Music + Sound, Choices Guide, and Creator's Commentary

Fetch Quest has over 1500 downloads! So as a special thanks, there's been an update.

First of all, the game now has music and sound. You no longer have to play in silence, yay!

I've also added a choice guide PDF. It details how to get every ending in the game.

Finally, if you like the game and want to support me, donating a minimum of 1$ gives you access to the Creator's Commentary! It's a 17 page long PDF of my thoughts on making the game, some never before seen concept art, and character bios. Have you ever wanted to listen to me talk at length about an hour long game? Well now's your chance.

Thank you so much for 1500+ downloads! I really enjoyed making Fetch Quest, and I look forward to making more games in the future.


FetchQuest-2.0-pc.zip 122 MB
Jun 28, 2019
FetchQuest-2.0-mac.zip 105 MB
Jun 28, 2019
FetchQuest-2.0-linux.tar.bz2 107 MB
Jun 28, 2019
Fetch Quest Choice Guide.pdf 56 kB
Jun 28, 2019
Fetch Quest Creator Commentary.pdf 3 MB
Jun 28, 2019

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Ooooh, gonna be downloading the updated version soon!!! I love this game to pieces <3